Plethodontidae Hydromantes (Speleomantes) italicus Hydromantes (Speleomantes) supramontis
Hydromantes (Speleomantes) strinatii Aellen, 1958
Strinati's Cave Salamander

H. (Speleomantes) strinatii (© Fabio Pupin)

Adult, Liguria, Italy, March 24, 2007
(Photo by Fabio Pupin, Herpfolio)

H. (Speleomantes) strinatii (© Diego Reggianti)

Adult, Valle Gesso, Grotte del Bandito, Tetti Bandito, 820 m asl, Roaschia (CN), Italy, May 23, 2002
(Photo by Diego Reggianti)

H. (Speleomantes) strinatii (© Jeroen Speybroeck)

Adult, Stazione biospeleologica di San Bartolomeo, Besolagno (Genova), Italy
(Photo by Jeroen Speybroeck, Herpetofauna of Europe)

Maritime Alps of southern France and Italy