Bombinatoridae Bombina pachypus Bufo bufo
Bombina variegata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Yellow-bellied Toad, Yellowbelly Toad

B. variegata (© Paolo Mazzei)

Adult, Namestovo, Slovakia, May 2001
(Photo by Paolo Mazzei)

B. variegata (© Ilaria Pimpinelli)

Adult, Zilina, Slovakia, May 2001
(Photo by Ilaria Pimpinelli)

B. variegata (© Jeroen Speybroeck)

Adults (mating), Nestos gorge, Greece, May 2, 2004
(Photo by Jeroen Speybroeck, Herpetofauna of Europe)

B. variegata (© Rémi Fonters)

Adult, Sinard, Isère, France, May 11, 2004
(Photo by Rémi Fonters, Coronella - Herpétofaune de France et d'ailleurs)

Europe excluding the Iberian Peninsula and Italy north of the Po River, east to western Ukraine and Moldova

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